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What To Do When You Feel Lost

We want our lives to go according to plan. And sometimes it does. Everything is running smoothly, we feel great, nothing is bothering us. But how long does this last? Let's be realistic. If you are an adult, you’ve faced some adversities in your life at some point.

Has there been a time in your life when you were unsure about the relationship you were in? Or not sure which job or career path to take? Or maybe you did not know what was going in your life and felt like everything was falling apart? And I am sure many of you have felt this, lost and unsure about your life purpose?

So what do you do when all seems lost in life? What happens when you feel blocked, challenged and things do not go according to the vision you have in your mind? How do most of us react to this super uncomfortable state? We fight it right? We hate this feeling and do whatever we can to feel better right? We are wired to avoid pain and move towards pleasure, so we all developed coping mechanisms to feel better. But guess what, those coping mechanisms do not always work. Why? Because we are fighting for control of our lives and sometimes this is out of our hands.

When we are lost, this is a transformative moment. Life is teaching you something. But it's easy to lose faith, be paralyzed, lose trust and stay in fear and anxiety. Our minds want to know everything, its addicted to the need to know. So it creates thoughts, which then creates emotions and feelings. And the need to know creates this urge for us to do whatever we can to get this information. We look for answers, we talk to everyone, we ask questions, we google it...and it can temporarily make us feel better, but ultimately we go back to feeling fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and discomfort.

When you feel lost, I encourage you to pause, sit in the stillness and allow the moment to exist. Feel the uncertainty, be lost, and stop acting out your emotions. Be still. Trust that everything is happening for you. Have faith in the process of life.

It's important to trust and remember that you are here for a reason, you have survived past hardships, you’ve made it through hard times and you are here. Give yourself credit. So I encourage you to connect with yourself, go within and be present. Listen to what life is teaching you in this transformative uncomfortable moment. Trust you are guided by your intuition, your innate intelligence, it's taken you to where you are in life today, so trust in this.

I share the 5 senses practice a lot with my clients. It's a quick easy way to be in the present moment, become calm and sit in the stillness. This gives you an opportunity to embrace what is happening in your life now, not what will happen in the future, or what happened in the past, but now, this very moment. I will share this again to help you be in the present moment...

Right now, i want to sit or stand and pause. Then ask yourself these questions and answer it internally...what do you see right now? what do you hear right now? what do you feel right now? what do you smell right now? what do you taste right now?

Congratulations- You are in the present moment when you answer those questions.

Being present grows your emotional strength. Each time you practice being present, sitting in the stillness with your emotions, allowing it to just be, feeling whatever you feel- fear, frustration, anxiety, sadness, whatever it are mastering your emotions and your mind.

When all seems lost in life, listen. Maybe you are holding onto a relationship that isn't working or a job that isn’t aligning with your purpose. Maybe your life seems like it's falling apart when it's really coming together. Maybe whatever you want did not work out because you deserve better. Maybe a behavioral pattern or event keeps showing up in your life to teach you something.

I want you to trust and surrender at this moment. When you do this, you are trusting life, you and the need to know and you are allowing life to flow. When you do this you open up to more possibilities and create more space within yourself to allow the next level of relationship, career, life, and the next level of your dreams to be. And you will feel better. Your emotions will be reduced and you will be calm because you have just mastered your emotions and your mind and let things be.

This is a simple easy practice to do whenever you are feeling lost in life. Be still, do the 5 senses practice, and in that present moment, allow things to be. Surrender is the key word here. Trust in life, Surrender to what is and let things be and eventually you will pass through the uncomfortable moment and no longer feel lost because answers will start coming to you. What is meant for us will flow our way. This is how life works.

I hope you found this helpful today. I’ve practiced this many times in my life and it works. And I've shared this with clients and see the positive results in their lives so I'm sharing this with you today and hope if you are feeling lost, this insight and tip helps you.

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