Meet Leslie

Holistic Psychotherapist & Emotional Mastery Expert

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Years ago, Leslie experienced a big traumatic event that sent her to the dark night of the soul. She tried traditional talk therapy but it was not enough to help her heal. Her health was deteriorating and everything was falling apart. She made a decision to change her life through Eastern & Western Medicine modalities. She also expanded her knowledge by learning Neuroscience, Nutrition & Epigenetics. She saw how everything was connected and started seeing real results by digging deep into the root cause. From this experience, she changed her therapy practice with her clients to also help them heal. 

She has helped thousands of clients with positive, lasting results. Leslie is passionate about making a difference in the lives of her clients. She uses a supportive and empathic approach to help guide her work in a collaborative environment. 

Leslie has over 15 years of experience in Psychotherapy & Counseling in helping clients with relationship issues, personal growth, trauma, loss, career development, family issues, and overall wellness improvement. She holds a BA in Psychology and a Master's in Counseling Psychology. 

Alistica- a variation of the word "Holistic" in Spanish, Italian & English


“Leslie is truly a remarkable therapist and an outstanding person. She exceeds all expectations of a therapist. A true listener and makes you feel warm and loved in the world. You can talk freely about your problems and she’ll give you a true insight of how to fix it in a holistic way. The approach feels like magic. A true WOW factor! Best therapist ever! Leslie is magical and I would highly recommend her."


“I love Leslie's Holistic Approach. We talked about all areas of my life and she gave me realistic techniques I could use to rewire my brain. She showed me patterns in my life where I was stuck and helped me to reframe my irrational beliefs. I am so grateful I met her!"


“Leslie’s guidance has been such a positive force in helping me sort out where I am and what to do. She has such an upbeat, motivating, non judgmental way about her which makes me feel comfortable to share anything and be happier overall. I only wish I found her years ago."


“I met Leslie during a time when several personal issues were circling around in my orbit. I am typically someone who reads every review and analyzes all options before making a decision. I never did that with Leslie, I simply read a profile description and felt in my gut I should reach out. My gut instinct was spot on. After our first time speaking, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  Leslie offers a unique approach to therapy touching on all aspects of life from relationships to career choices. Not only did I enjoy our conversation, but I felt a deep connection to Leslie’s holistic approach and its importance in our everyday life. She offers a way of thinking that I have never encountered with any other therapist. Leslie’s support, constant encouragement, and positive attitude have guided me through some very difficult times. I highly recommend Leslie to those who want to see real results in their life."


“Leslie has been so helpful to my mental health during these difficult times of the pandemic. She has guided me towards recognizing patterns of my daily life and areas of improvement in my relationships. Reflecting with her has allowed me to grow into a more thoughtful, happier version of myself."


“Leslie is easy to talk to and down to earth. She puts her energy into action to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Leslie’s real and empathic responses come from her own experiences and adversities."


Leslie really listened to my issues, put herself in my shoes, and was able to help me. I felt comfortable around her and felt trust with her right away. After each session, it was as if my brain and mind got a massage. I felt better each time!"


Leslie is humble, empathetic, a wonderful listener, kind and encouraging. She wants to make a difference in the lives of her clients, and she succeeded in changing my life. She helped me to reframe the way I was thinking, and behaving, and woke me up to my subconscious patterns and choices I was making that were disrupting my life. Thank you Leslie!"


I am so grateful for Leslie's help. She made it possible for me to see the entire picture of what was going on, by examining all areas of my life, going back to my childhood. Then she guided me for taking steps to improve my situation. She showed me how something that seemed impossible, was possible"