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Attention Men!- It's sexy to go to therapy and improve yourself

Yes, it's sexy and very attractive if we know you are going to therapy and working on improving yourself. To know you are becoming a better version of you shows the ones around you that you care about your personal growth, want to be more self-aware, more emotionally resilient, confident and empathetic. That's sexy!

After the pandemic, more men are seeking out help to improve their mental & emotional well-being. I have enjoyed working with over a thousand men in the past 17 years. This experience has given me the knowledge to specialize on topics and issues related to men.

Men, in particular, have been overlooked when it comes to seeking and receiving adequate support. My Holistic Psychotherapeutic Approach™ differs from traditional talk therapy which often addresses only surface issues and solutions. My approach is unique, comprehensive and tailored to each client, specifically challenges faced by men. I evaluate men's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Learn more here.

I successfully help men to explore the interconnectedness of their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical health which leads to long-lasting and profound personal growth. Society has imposed rigid expectations on men which has caused difficulties in expressing emotions or seeking help with their mental health concerns. I create a safe and non-judgmental space for men to feel safe opening up, be vulnerable and challenge social norms. My male clients gain deeper insights, develop healthier coping strategies and build stronger connections with themselves and others.

I have developed techniques for men to develop greater self-awareness of their patterns, thoughts and feelings. This empowers them to manage stress more effectively, make conscious choices and develop a deeper sense of self-compassion which all men need. Also, evaluating relational patterns, attachment styles and communication skills allows my clients to build and sustain fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives.

In a world where men's mental health is still being overlooked and stigmatized, I offer an invaluable resource for men. By recognizing the importance of how everything is connected- our mind, body and spirit, and challenging societal norms, my Holistic Psychotherapeutic Approach™ offers men a comprehensive approach to healing and personal growth. Through this transformative journey with me, men can improve their overall well-being, build emotional resilience and a greater sense of purpose.

Interested in learning more or booking a session, contact Leslie here.


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