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Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue

Get to the root cause of why you are stuck, feel lost or unhappy

Holistic Psychotherapy with

Leslie Bowman, M.A. LPC

Meet Leslie

Holistic Psychotherapist &

Emotional Mastery Expert 

Leslie's unique holistic approach addresses issues from the root cause and evaluates the body, mind, and soul as they are all connected in the healing process. Unlike regular talk therapy sessions, which may focus on surface issues and provide short-term comfort, her approach dives deeper for longer-term healing.

Leslie has over 18 years of experience in successfully helping clients with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, personal growth, trauma, loss, narcissistic abuse, infidelity, divorce, addiction, career development, family issues, PTSD, and overall wellness improvement...


Leslie's Holistic Approach

It's all connected 

Talk Therapy



Diet & Nutrition




Image by Zoltan Tasi

The Journey Towards Fulfillment Begins With Mastering Your Emotions and Your Mind. Then Diving To The Root Causes & Knowing Who You Really Are Deep Down. 

“"Not everyone has the opportunity to meet someone with the attitude, drive, and determination in seeing the success in others...and for that, I thank her dearly for making a difference in my life."- 

- Keith CR

“Leslie is truly a special person who brings enthusiasm, creativity, and organization daily to her job. She truly wants to help every client that she can and has a positive impact on everyone that she meets.”

- Mark W.

“Leslie is the easiest person to talk with. Her wisdom, knowledge, and true caring are evident in each conversation. I give her my highest recommendation.”

- Marci Y. 

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