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Holistic Psychotherapy For Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders

  • Do you feel lonely?     

  • Do you struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

  • Are you burned out? 

  • Do you struggle with the fear of failure?

  • Do you have self-doubt? 

  • Do you feel exhausted navigating the constant ups and downs of uncertainty?

  • Are you struggling with delegating tasks and trusting partners/employees?

Unlike traditional talk therapy or life/business coaching that only addresses the surface...

I get to the root cause(s) of your underlying issues to help you thrive with your business. 

Why Work With Leslie? 

  • Entrepreneur & Business Owner

  • I offer ongoing support to a limited # of clients per month which allows you to have direct access to me.

  • You will have more self-awareness and self-confidence to be more productive and motivated to succeed. 

  • My services are personalized to your needs and values.  

  • I evaluate you Psychologically, Neurologically & Biologically to get to the root of your behavioral patterns and needs. 


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